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What is Rockwool Insulation?

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【摘要导读】Thermal insulation Rockwool

Rockwool insulation refers to an insulating material, is actually made of rocks and minerals. It is also known as asbestos insulation, mineral wool insulation or slag cotton insulation. Due to its excellent sound insulation and insulation effects, rock wool can be made into a range of products. This type of insulation is commonly used in construction, plant and automotive applications. 

To make rockwool insulation, minerals and other raw materials are heated to about 2910°F (about 1600°C) in a furnace, through which a current of air or steam is blown. More advanced production techniques are based on rotating the molten rock at high speeds in a spinning wheel, in some ways resembling the way that cotton candy is made. The finished product is a mass of very fine intertwined fibers, bound together with starch. Oil is also added during production to decrease the formation of dust.

Our Honghe rockwool are mainly made from quality natural rocks like basalt and dolomite, etc. The rocks are melted in cupolas at over 1500°C. The molten lava is fiberized by internationally advanced high-speed four-roll centrifuges, meanwhile, certain quantity of binder, dust laying oil, moisturerepellent is sprayed and then it will be collected by wool collector, bobbed and solidified, cutting into different products for different purpose. At the same time, it can be processed to be sew felt, tube sleeve and veneering product, etc.

The product can be used for insulation of buildings, such as insulation of exterior wall, heat preservation and insulation of roof, curtain wall, interior wall separation, elevator shaft, etc; under high and low temperature, it is of favorable fireproofing and energy saving functions, providing important emission-reduction protential for sustainable development of energy and environment.

The product can be widely used in electric power, petrifaction and other industrial field. It applies to heat preservation and insulation, energy saving and personnel safety of equipment and pipes such as boiler, industrial furnace, heat treatment facility, steam pipe, heat exchange, pile, oven and storage tank, etc, meanwhile, it is of favorable sound absorption, noise lowering and fireproofing.

For convenient construction, transportation, storage and identification, our Honghe rockwool products are packed are packed by PE shrink film. Prevent the products from moisture and rain during their transportation and storage and avoid damage of their packaging film. Store the products in dry and well ventilated indoor places or cover them by waterproof cloth. 

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