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Honghe exterior wall rockwool boards are specially designed and produced for the thin plastered external insulation systems of the exterior walls of buildings. With easy plastering and construction, they are  applicable to the construction of compact structures with concrete or brick foundation walls, or the energy-saving reconstruction of exsiting buildings. The application of rockwool boards as the insulation systems of exterior wall complies with the needs of the fire laws and regulations of our country.

Honghe exterior wall rockwool boards have the properties of high tensile strength, dimensional stability and water repellency and low water absorption. They are compatible with exterior wall systems and can realize effective insulation, energy saving, fire resistance and protection against extreme weather conditions for buildings.

Size and density

                                                                                                                               Remarks: other sizes can be provided too.



Honghe exterior wall rockwool boards are applicable to the finish coats of various appearances. With nonhygroscopic property, ageing resistance and lasting stable performance, they can improve the heat insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance of exterior wall insulation systems and provide exterior wall heat preserving systems with high moisture permeability as well. A thin plastered external insulation system is non-bearing insulation structure consisting of a rockwool insulation layer, a rendering coat, a fixing material layer(adhesive, anchor and so on) and a finish coat and fixed on the external surface of an exterior wall. It is bonded on a foundation wall with the help of bonding mortar and mechanically fixed by paving amount of anchor bolts per square meters. After that, a fiberglass mesh is pressed into the surface layer to complete the insulation process. The finish construction can be done after that.

Honghe exterior wall rockwool boards and give off neither heat nor toxic fumes, so they have excellent fireresistance and can effectively avoid flame spreading in fires. In addition, they have light weights and can be easily machined by means of cutting or sawing. 



      Fig. 1 the thin plastered external insulation system

      1, Foundation wall

      2, Plastered mortar

      3, Rockwool heat preserving layer

      4, Protective mortar

      5, Fiberglass mess

      6, Anchor bol

      7, Finish coat

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